Torrent Cloud Storage!

Awesome cloud storage for torrents --you'll never lose files that get deleted or terminated anymore! ! @seedrcoil Been using this for some time 'cause I've got an iPad & it's handy to save torrents that I find w/o getting out the lappy. I've used this for d'ling vids/ games/ et. al. Pretty useful.

This Side Of Paradise

Lorem Ipsum Dolor es...Anyone else think Meghan Fox is not? Besides Lindsay Logan who is smouldering. Incidentally, I stumbled on many scripts, & in endless tweaking I made matters worse! Page looks more like MySpace than a blog..Sites aim is to inculcate/instill learning/values on technical subjects & aspects, tho that wouldn't be a succint definition since I also enjoy writing sci-fi/cyberpunk novellas; & this site is a perfect haven for mynwork. Also like coding game MODs- how cool is that!! I will continue to update this site & add fascinating content here. Can't believe I spent over 6 hours on this thing, & now a layout error is appearing, possibly a malicious script, but that's when viewed on Dolphin browser. I'll have to check it out & try to fix it ASAP! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect more. I will mention them later. Please take the time to visit the Google Project Page I want to update this as much as I can, so please return for frequent updates sites under perpetual construction, albeit the link are probably old too! Clarity & effective communication is key here, so I'll try to keep it short & simple. There exists a curmudgeon (communications breakdown) not unlike the one mentioned on therefore conveying meaning [language] is very difficult. While other cyber-author rattle-on about rhetoric, I like providing useful content, hence I will stop there, until I have the means to update this site! Every link I post will be proofread, but there's no telling where these roads lead to.. This is kinda like a paramilitary organisation/fundamentalist group (like PROJEKT_FIVE <- my other conception).